Guitar - Đàn Bầu - Composer


Electric guitar player with strong ties to improvised music, Sylvain Streiff is looking for balance between jazz roots, an experimenter’s approach and a great affection for popular traditional music.
Trained as an engineer (he graduated 2008 from École Polytechnique and has an ATIAM – related to Paris’ IRCAM – master’s degree), he completed his Paris jazz school evening classes (ARPEJ and CIM) with a year at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

During his following four years in Paris, he has been performing regularly as a jazz duo or trio, as well as with the band Katadjak, with whom he created a show, Möwenfutter, that blends improvised music, theatre and veejaying.
Traveling back and forth to Istanbul, he participates in jazz-punk project Percussive!.
He also created sound performances, for example during the exhibition "Aux Demeurants", and composed documentary film music (Petits Frères by Suzanne Van Boxsom and the trailer to Chine by Jacques Sarasin).

Living in Hanoi 2013 to 2015, he dedicated himself to learning traditional vietnamese music. He has been learning to play the đàn bầu with Phương Thanh (former student of NSND Thanh Tâm) and the đàn nguyệt along with hát văn singing with NSƯT Phạm Văn Ty.
Two duos were born during this period : Paracoleops, with guitarist Alexander Formosa, and Ma Mère Ne Croira Jamais with pianist Phạn Huy Phúc.

2016 he composed a movie in concert to the film A Page of Madness by Teinosuke Kinugasa, which he performed with Phạn Huy Phúc and đàn tranh player Bùi Thị Phương Nhung at the French Institute in Hà Nội.

Now living in Paris, he is composing for a quartette mixing modern jazz and hip-hop, while he keeps teaching and organizing workshops for businesses.

All photographs except background by Sébastion Löffler, Courtesy and Copyright Nội Pictures.